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YJP Mansion is one of the most exclusive gathering and event spaces in NYC. Designed by Andres Escobar and Associates, and in collaboration with architect Jonathan Held, YJP Mansion is truly an ultra-modern decadent marvel in terms of beauty and features.


It has been decked out with everything one expects from a spot sporting the “mansion” moniker: at three stories, it has a full kitchen, private conference rooms, a stage, and a state-of-the-art lighting system. A one-of-a-kind chandelier flows effortlessly across the atrium, and illuminates the floating staircase – a contemporary, creative combination of carefully crafted wood, metal and glass, that serves as much a connection between floors as it does an elevated expression of art in its own right.


And when you combine these features with a three hundred person capacity, it becomes clear why YJP Mansion is the premier place to network amongst success at corporate events, mingle with friends at private gatherings, or listen to wisdom from the select few chosen to speak as guests on stage for a special night.


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